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"How Air Tags Saved the Day: A Dueling Tale of Two Travelers"

13 November 2023

July 31, 2023 at 10:24 AM

"The Great Bag Swap: Unraveling a Travel Tale with Air Tags"

In the vibrant bustle of Johannesburg airport, a bag mix-up comedy ensued. Our jet-lagged traveler, finding only one bag on the carousel, realized via his air tag app that his luggage was merrily cruising the carpark. A quick sprint outside yielded nothing, only to find his bag was now galloping down the highway. Thankfully, he identified an identical bag on the carousel and contacted the other traveler, who had mistakenly switched bags. A quick drive back to the airport from the unsuspecting luggage thief led to a happy bag reunion, proving that sometimes, it's the luggage that ends up with the wildest journey!

"When Bags Go AWOL: The Importance of Air Tags and Having QUAY Travel on Speed Dial"

Picture this: another sun-kissed traveler, returning from their incredible family holiday in Europe landing in New Zealand, only to discover their luggage was off gallivanting, possibly still partying in Palma Mallorca, or sightseeing in Barcelona or Dubai. Despite the airline's best guesses, the bag's location remained a mystery, thanks to the absence of air tags. Their QUAY Travel Advisor stepped up and with determination and a goldmine of airline contacts, tirelessly pursued the lost suitcase. After an arduous week of detective work, they managed to reunite the wayward bag with its very thankful owners. This tale underscores the necessity of air tags and the extraordinary support of a dependable travel partner like QUAY. Lesson learned: AirTags would have been valuable in this situation as would have enabled the clients to find out where the luggage was.

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