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Greg Cross

Date:  18 December 2023

Working with Michelle , Donna and the team at Quay Travel makes a huge difference in me being able to do what I do on the road  knowing everything associated with my business trips is taken care of. And when something goes wrong as it inevitably does in this post Covid world – they will find a way to fix it 24X7. They have been my travel superheroes for nearly 20 years and even in todays online, digital and AI world which I live and breathe on a daily basis - their personal touch makes a huge difference.

Ros & Allie McKenzie

Date:  15 December 2023

I wanted to take a moment to thank you both for the service provided to me this year by the team at Quay with my travels.
It is now over a month since I returned from our incredible girl’s trip to Bali, and I can assure you both that it still feels as though it was pinch-me perfect.  Both Four Seasons properties were off the scale amazing, with dream-like experiences, and such warm service from the staff there.
I also wanted to say thank you for working behind the scenes to rearrange things on the ground in Bali when our flights were rescheduled. It was such a weight off to know that the ever-dependable Michelle Sutton would be moving the arrangements around so that everything worked out, and of course it did.

Sarah & John Hood

Date:  20 November 2023

Just a quick thank you for sorting everything we needed for this trip – great advice, especially where not to spend too much time around Puglia. Hotels were awesome, perfect and quiet after long days exploring! Looking forward to next years adventures

David & Irina Bond

Date:  13 November 2023

Hello Cindy, It has taken us a while to "come back down to earth" & normal routine after our wonderful holiday in Italy. It was amazing to experience all the wonders Italy has to offer - the History, Art, Architecture, Landscape,  Food & Wine etc. etc.  Thanks to you our travel plans went without a hitch, and we were very happy with everything. All the hotels were extremely good & well located with friendly helpful staff - our best room was at  Risorgimento Resort in Lecce. 

THANKYOU for everything that you organised for us to make our holiday the "trip of a Lifetime"

We would not hesitate to use Quay Travel  again the future  , and it was a pleasure to meet & deal with you.

Robyn & Paul Smith

Date:  13 November 2023

Just to let you know we had a fantastic 3 weeks holiday in the US. Thank you so much for your help with all the bookings. Everything worked really well. Hotels were great and what we expected, Train and flight also easy.

Many thanks. Until next trip……..

Tina & Chris

Date:  13 November 2023

We just got home yesterday.  WHAT a fabulous trip!  It was gorgeous, we caught up with a multitude of my family in beautiful Canada.  New York, New York was Amazing.

THANK YOU for your invaluable help to organise it all, and then to sort out the accommodation fiasco in New York.  

Given we had to cancel our credit cards, we would have been really stuck.  So we very much appreciated your experience and speed in sorting it all out for us.  

Ruth & Greg

Date:  5 November 2023

We are long time clients of Quay Travel and have always appreciated their attention to detail and the way they take our needs into account when planning our travel. In recent years we have been going to more off the beaten track locations and Quay Travel take so much of the hassle out of figuring out our schedules and logistics.

Coming home from our most recent trip we had the value of Quay Travel reinforced. We were on the runway on a plane bound from Boston to Chicago to make our Chicago Auckland connection when the steward cheerfully announced that the flight was cancelled. There was a panic while everyone rushed to leave the plane and re-organize their plans. I called Quay immediately and they were able to route us through Houston to Auckland. While we were in the air the staff at Quay sorted our connection and even managed to keep our upgrades to Business. If we had waited at the United help desk we would still be in Boston roaming around like lost souls. Travel agents are great when things are good but they are essential when there is any little hiccup!


Date:  5 September 2023

We had a wonderful experience booking our 5 week trip to Europe with Cindy. She secured us excellent fares, recommended great hotels, booked connecting flights across Europe, organized tours and airport transfers. Everything worked like clockwork. Cindy is just fabulous, she’s friendly, efficient, and her vast experience in the travel industry ensures you travel totally hassle free. We will definitely be planning our next trip with her.

Ruth & Greg Jillings

Date:  5 September 2023

For the second time in as many months using a travel agent has proven to be a glorious experience. Half an hour before getting in an uber for the first of three flights to Europe we got an email from the airline running the second flight that there would be a 10 hour delay. This meant we would need to overnight in Hong Kong and miss our final connection. I called Quay as soon as I saw the email and with some wizardry and magic Cindy immediately booked us on a different flight via a different route that allowed us to meet our connections and bonus the flight left later so there was no panic. Using Quay as our travel agents improves the travel experience exponentially.

Tania and Dean Young

Date:  5 September 2023

Quay Travel saves the day -again!

Lisa at Quay Travel was awesome to work with when we were organising our trip to the USA.  However, she and the Quay Travel team really came into their own when we had a series of flight disruptions.  They swung into action and organised us short notice accommodation, sorted out our flights and did all this quickly so we could carry on with our trip.

They are wonderful to work with and really look after us.



Date:  5 September 2023

Thought I would drop you a line to tell you how much we loved the Belmond Napa Sai. It was the PERFECT solution for us. Beautiful balance of kids and sophistication. Smart but not overly expensive / pricey. We had great weather and certainly got our summer fix. Kids met a bundle of other kids and there were lots of activities on offer which was ideal. You did a great job recommending this for us.

Other than my bungle on our first flight everything else was straight forward and super easy. So your expertise on putting this all together for us was massively appreciated.

I look forward to coming back to you for the next vacay!

Michelle Milham

Date:  5 September 2023

Quay Travel have organised several special family holidays for us now as well as smaller trips for myself. They are extremely professional, friendly and communicate effectively and in a timely manner. Lisa is amazing at offering suggestions and options for both places to visit and hotels.

Last year while in Europe, we contracted coved and were unable to board our cruise at the port of departure. Lisa gave exceptional service, taking calls at all hours and organising alternative flights and accommodation, plus handling our family’s stress and anxiety with great patience!

I highly recommend Quay Travel to anyone wanting to plan that special holiday.