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Como Castello Del Nero, Tuscany

13 November 2023

There are places you visit, and then there are experiences you live that dance through your memories forever. Como Castello Del Nero in Tuscany is the latter. Our very own Michelle from the office recently had the pleasure of immersing herself in this Italian paradise, and the tales she brought back are nothing short of a fairy tale.

Como Castello Del Nero

Imagine waking up to a vista that’s quintessentially Tuscany—rolling hills draped in the golden light of dawn, vineyards stretching into the horizon, and the air, a symphony of serene tranquility. The rooms? Each holds its own character, a unique whisper of history blended with modern luxury that speaks to every traveler’s soul.

Como Castello Tuscany

Epicurean adventures await at the Michelin-starred restaurant where gastronomy is both art and journey. But why stop there? Savor the essence of Tuscany with an intimate wine tasting guided by a sommelier who unravels the secrets of local vintages with every sip.

Adventure beckons with truffle hunting in the lush forests of the estate—an authentic Italian pastime.

como castello truffle catch

And for those seeking to unwind, the spa is a sanctuary of wellness, coupled beautifully with a serene outdoor swimming pool.

Want to experience an Italian village dinner? The olive grove dinner. Once a week, guests gather under the stars amidst ancient trees, sharing stories and dishes that taste of the region’s heart.

For the spirited, a hot air balloon ride at dawn offers a breath-taking perspective of Tuscany’s undulating charm. Prefer your feet on the ground? The estate’s hiking trails and bike tours to nearby villages offer a beautiful way to connect with the countryside.

And to align your spirit with the peace of the surroundings, engage in the harmony of yoga, available twice a day.

Como Castello Del Nero is not just a stay—it’s a passage into Tuscany’s soul. Ready for an Italian escape that touches more than just the senses?

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