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Journey on a 107 day Princess World Cruise

13 November 2023

Are you retired and wanting some ADVENTURE in your life….yes….well that was us a few years ago. So we phoned Donna Hill at Quay Travel and booked a 107 Day WORLD CRUISE.

Departing Auckland

As we glided across Auckland Harbour, I turned to my wife and said…let the ADVENTURES BEGIN. 

Komodo Dragon

Sydney never fails to impress, but Komodo Island….now there’s an adventure waiting to happen.

Dubai skyline

What better way to relax than sitting on your balcony taking in these incredible views over Dubai. 

Aqaba, Jordan

Then just 5 days later, you’re sitting on your balcony again, looking over the intriguing city of Aqaba, Jordon. Then turning slightly to our left, we were viewing the Israeli city of Eilat, just a short drive away.

Sailing through the Suez Canal was an amazing day long experience, with an in depth commentary from the Bridge of fascinating features.

Salerno, Greece

If you’re thinking…..he’s out on his balcony again, you’d be correct. Who wouldn’t want to savour these views of Salerno, Greece. What an enchanting city to explore.

Then you wake the next morning, still wondering if you had only dreamt of yesterday’s mystique experiences, only to find Rome is but an hour or so from your Port of Civitavecchia. Talking of MYSTIQUE, yes, Rome is the capital.

Portoferraio on the Island of Elba

As your mind fights to process all of yesterday’s adventures, you realise the ideal antidote is a relaxing day in the cutest little town of Portoferraio, on the Italian Island of Elba.

Isle of Capri

After a lazy day of soaking up sunshine, sights and serenity, you feel totally relaxed sitting on your balcony, admiring the sunset as you sail past the Isle Of Capri. Even this lone Seagull hovered momentarily to take in its sheer beauty.

It seems criminal of me to skip all of the UK for lack of space. But I must, because we discovered that ….

…..Iceland & Greenland captured a new sense of adventure within us. 

We missed out on going ashore at the Shetland Islands because of bad weather, so the Captain said he’d treat us to something special on our approach to Greenland. He took us into the Prince Christian Sounds, which is 6 Fiords. Everyone is saying those 8 hours are the highlight of this World Cruise….so far.

We saw literally HUNDREDS of these massive Icebergs……and up REAL close (almost too close for comfort at times). The Captain had to keep swerving to miss them. 

We also saw something like 20 or so Glaciers. This was FAR better than our Alaska Cruise some years ago.

We’re only three quarters through our World Cruise and do I have any regrets, YES…..I’m only able to skim the surface in recalling the ADVENTURES we’ve had so far. We just can’t wait for tomorrow

Alan & Rose

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