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Vietnam is a captivating destination that boasts a blend of fresh exotic cuisine, the warmth and openness of its people, […]
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Vietnam is a captivating destination that boasts a blend of fresh exotic cuisine, the warmth and openness of its people, French colonial history, stunning limestone islands, and beautiful beaches.

While exploring Vietnam, you can experience a range of unique activities. In the charming colonial town of Hoi An, consider having custom-made clothing tailored to your preferences. Explore the breathtaking Halong Bay by embarking on a cruise aboard a traditional junk boat, or meander through the Mekong Delta on a Bassac Boat.

Vietnam's natural beauty and traditional charm captivate the hearts of visitors, leaving them in awe of the country's splendid landscapes and cultural richness.

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Halong Bay: Situated in the Gulf of Tonkin, boasts an otherworldly landscape with over 1,600 islands and islets that create a mesmerizing seascape of limestone pillars and awe-inspiring caves. These islands, predominantly made of limestone and schist, feature unique formations of graceful and intriguing shapes. The entire area is now designated as a World Heritage site, preserving its natural beauty.

Hanoi: The capital city of Vietnam, boasts wide tree-lined boulevards that grace misty lakes throughout the city. Amidst this picturesque scenery, you'll find ancient temples and bustling markets. Highlights of Hanoi include the vibrant and colorful flower market, the bustling shopping haven known as the "Old Quarter," and the upscale boutiques along Nah Tho Street.

Hoi An: A destination with a dual personality, offers both the charm of an old-world trading post with narrow streets and traditional houses and the allure of pristine beaches accompanied by beautiful resorts and expansive stretches of white sand. Hoi An is a beloved place for many travelers in Vietnam. It's worth spending a few days here to soak in its enchanting atmosphere, wander along colorful lantern-adorned streets, savor delectable cuisine at fantastic restaurants, explore high-quality tailor shops, and even attend cooking schools.

Mekong Delta: This is a complex network of rivers, swamps, and islands, home to floating markets, quaint villages, and lush rice paddies. This region nurtures an incredible variety of fruits, flowers, and livestock, making it a fascinating area to explore over the course of a few days.

Saigon: Formerly known as Ho Chi Minh, is still commonly referred to as such by both locals and foreigners. This city was heavily influenced by the French during their colonial occupation, resulting in European style architecture. Today, the city's core retains its elegant boulevards and historic French colonial buildings. With a population exceeding 8 million people (and approximately 4 million motorbikes!), Saigon offers a vibrant mix of street markets, shops, sidewalk cafes, and vendors selling an array of goods along its bustling sidewalks.

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When to go

Vietnam is blessed with a tropical climate that generously bestows plenty of sunshine, with average temperatures typically falling within the range of 22 to 27 degrees Celsius. The climate in Vietnam is divided into two distinct seasons.  From May to October, you'll encounter hot and humid days accompanied by substantial rainfall. In contrast, the period from November to April tends to be drier and slightly cooler.

It's important to note that the local climate within Vietnam exhibits variations from the northern regions to the southern parts of the country. Additionally, weather patterns differ when you move from the mountainous areas to the coastal regions, offering a diverse and dynamic climate experience.

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Currency Vietnamese Dong (VND)

Language The official language is Vietnamese, with different dialects apparent throughout the country. A host of various languages particular to ethnic minorities are also spoken, as well as Chinese, English and French to a lesser degree.

What  makes it special: Vietnam beckons with its rich tapestry of history, from opulent French-built villas and palaces to the charming allure of wide boulevards, bustling markets, and misty lakes. But the real treasure lies in the delightful shopping experiences and the incredible culinary journey this nation offers. From a serene day cruising on a traditional junk amidst the enchanting Halong Bay, to taking a dip in the inviting warmth of the ocean waters and savoring a fresh seafood lunch, Vietnam's culinary scene is a tough act to follow. The northern mountain ranges play host to diverse ethnic groups, each with their own captivating cultural nuances. Don't miss the chance to explore the ancient town of Hoi An during the full moon festival each month, where the streets come alive with vibrant Chinese lanterns, and locals celebrate the Festival of Light.

Weather: Vietnam enjoys a tropical climate generously bathed in sunshine, with average temperatures ranging from 22°C to 27°C. The country experiences two distinct seasons: May to October brings hot, humid days accompanied by ample rainfall, while November to April is generally drier and slightly cooler. Be mindful that the local climate exhibits variations from north to south, and weather patterns diverge in the mountainous areas compared to the coastal regions.

Social customs: The Vietnamese people are known for their exceptional friendliness and outgoing nature. Be prepared for numerous personal questions and comments about various aspects of your life. While this may seem forthright, the Vietnamese themselves often possess a quiet reserve, so it's best to allow the conversation to be guided by the person with whom you are speaking. It's essential to understand that their curiosity is not meant to be rude, even when it comes to topics like your weight. Given their strong work ethic, the Vietnamese are an industrious and hardworking nation. Public displays of anger are generally frowned upon, so a gracious smile will prove far more effective than showing temper in most situations.

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