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Austria beckons with its awe-inspiring landscapes, captivating architecture, culinary delights, and a myriad of other attractions. From the majestic Alps […]
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Austria beckons with its awe-inspiring landscapes, captivating architecture, culinary delights, and a myriad of other attractions. From the majestic Alps in the western part of the country to the picturesque vineyards in the east, from the grandeur of mighty river valleys to the enchanting charm of its cities, Austria offers a wealth of experiences. There's an abundance of activities to choose from, ensuring that no matter what you decide, your journey will be a truly memorable one.

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Graz: Known for its historic city centre which is a UNESCO world cultural heritage site, the cobbled alleys and pretty squares make it a beautiful city to explore on foot. Graz is also a great foodie city to enjoy with small independent restaurants, farmers markets, bakeries, regional cheeses and even vegan ice cream.

Innsbruck: Austria’s capital is a city in the alps surrounded by mountains making it a great spot for the outdoors in both summer and winter.  It is also home to a delightful historic old town centre with famous landmarks including ‘The Little Golden Roof’, the Imperial Palace,  and the City Tower,

Klagenfurt: The capital of the rugged yet beautiful Catinthia region Klagenfurt is set on Lake Worthersee, one of Europe’s largest and warmest alpine lakes This 800 year old town is known for its beautifully restored courtyards now home to pretty boutiques and cafes.

Salzburg: Salzburg is a unique Austrian City, bordering Germany – it is the famous birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It has a wonderful combination of landscape, architecture, art and culture as well as a beautiful contrast and combination of tradition and modernity.

Vienna: Vienna has built itself an artistic and intellectual legacy, with its baroque streetscapes, classical history and enchanting Imperial palaces. Lose yourself in the influential and graceful history of Austria’s capital and explore Vienna’s cultural past.

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When to go

The ideal time to visit Austria depends on your preferences and the activities you have in mind. For hiking, walking tours, and city exploration, the best months are from April to October, with the peak summer season falling in July and August. However, if you're keen to experience the enchantment of winter, then consider planning your visit between December and March to revel in Austria's winter wonderland.

Useful information

Currency: Euro

Language: The official language of Austria is German.

What makes it special: Austria is a delightful blend of unspoiled landscapes, historic towns steeped in tradition, and captivating natural beauty. With stunning mountain ranges, glistening lakes, and exceptional wine regions, it's a paradise for those who enjoy walking, hiking, and exploration. Austria's rich cultural tapestry ensures that you'll experience the cozy and welcoming feeling of "Gemuetlichkeit."

Weather: Austria welcomes visitors throughout the year. During the summer, temperatures can reach up to 35 degrees Celsius, with an average of around 20 degrees Celsius. In the winter, temperatures can drop to as low as -20 degrees Celsius, but the average is around 0 degrees Celsius.

Social customs: Family holds great importance in Austrian culture, and weekends are often dedicated to family activities. Greetings are typically formal, involving a firm handshake, and it's worth noting that males from other countries should avoid kissing an Austrian woman's hand. Austrians take great pride in their homes, so if you're invited to an Austrian's house, arriving on time is a sign of respect.

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