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We are long time clients of Quay Travel and have always appreciated their attention to detail and the way they take our needs into account when planning our travel. In recent years we have been going to more off the beaten track locations and Quay Travel take so much of the hassle out of figuring out our schedules and logistics.

Coming home from our most recent trip we had the value of Quay Travel reinforced. We were on the runway on a plane bound from Boston to Chicago to make our Chicago Auckland connection when the steward cheerfully announced that the flight was cancelled. There was a panic while everyone rushed to leave the plane and re-organize their plans. I called Quay immediately and they were able to route us through Houston to Auckland. While we were in the air the staff at Quay sorted our connection and even managed to keep our upgrades to Business. If we had waited at the United help desk we would still be in Boston roaming around like lost souls. Travel agents are great when things are good but they are essential when there is any little hiccup!