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Meet Michelle, the cheerful advocate of the mantra 'Eat well, Travel often.' After embarking on a fantastic overseas experience (OE) that involved whipping up delightful dishes for guests in Africa, France, and Scotland, she returned to Auckland in the early '90s with a newfound passion for becoming a Travel Agent.

With over 22 years of valuable experience in the travel industry, Michelle has spent the last 12 years specializing in Cruising. What sets her aglow is the art of crafting dream vacations with her clients. The joy she finds in both planning and fostering personal connections is evident as she takes the time to understand and fulfill the unique needs of each client.

Michelle recently discovered her love for Japan during a visit and indulged her adventurous spirit with an Expedition cruise in the Kimberleys. This experience perfectly blended her passion for active adventures, continuous learning, and exploration.

During her downtime, you can catch Michelle on her bike, paddleboard, beach, or hiking trail—living life to the fullest and sharing her zest for adventure with everyone around her.