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The Maldives is an archipelago comprising over 1,100 islands, which are scattered across 26 picturesque coral atolls. Here, you'll find turquoise crystal lagoons brimming with vibrant marine life and dazzling coral formations, creating an ideal setting for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. The pristine, secluded white sand beaches are a hallmark of this paradise, and many resorts provide special packages for honeymooners, birthday celebrations, and anniversaries. There is a range of exquisite resorts, accessible via a boat ride or a short float plane transfer from Male, the capital.

Seemingly remote and unattainable, the Seychelles, a captivating island nation in the Indian Ocean, possesses an exotic allure that often finds its place on many travelers' bucket lists. If you're fortunate enough to be in the midst of planning a visit to the Seychelles, whether it's a port of call on a cruise or a direct flight to Mahe, you're in for a visual feast that will overwhelm your senses with its extraordinary beauty.

For those with a week or more to spare for exploration and relaxation, our recommendation is to explore the main island of Mahe, embark on a short ferry ride to Praslin Island, and perhaps continue your journey to La Digue Island. The Seychelles offers a plethora of luxury resorts and secluded hideaways, making a visit to a private island a tantalizing possibility for that once-in-a-lifetime dream vacation.

The enchanting island nation of Mauritius serves as the perfect destination for unwinding and recharging. With its warm, turquoise waters offering a wide range of watersports and fishing opportunities, and a wealth of luxurious resorts spread across the island, you'll find an abundance of options for where to stay and how to spend your time. The air is filled with the delightful fragrances of aromatic flowers, vanilla, and bountiful sugar cane fields. Over the centuries, the blend of diverse cultures has given rise to a delightful fusion of cuisines that you can savor both at local markets and within the comfort of your hotel.

Thanks to the movie that shares its name, the world is now familiar with the adorable native residents of the island nation of Madagascar. In this remarkably vast and unspoiled island, the lemur population alone encompasses over 70 different species, alongside numerous other unique wildlife and plant species that have evolved independently from the external world. While the tourist infrastructure remains somewhat undeveloped, meaning you won't come across a Starbucks, this is precisely why you should consider a visit to this land of abundance before it becomes a mainstream destination.