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The Pyramids of Giza stand as one of the most iconic and universally recognized images in the world, making a […]
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The Pyramids of Giza stand as one of the most iconic and universally recognized images in the world, making a visit to this ancient marvel a must for every traveler at least once in their lifetime. Immerse yourself in the bustling energy of Cairo, followed by a tranquil sail along the majestic Nile, which includes visits to the Valley of the Kings and the legendary tomb of Tutankhamun. Consider an excursion to the Red Sea, a contemplative stop at St Catherine's Monastery, an expedition into the enigmatic Western Desert, or a visit to the historic El Alamein. Egypt is a land of incredible historical significance, and these destinations showcase the country's diverse cultural heritage. Whether you're fascinated by ancient wonders, interested in Nile cruising, or drawn to coastal cities, Egypt has much to offer for every traveler.

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Alexandria: Egypt's second-largest city, offers a different ambiance, with a more Mediterranean character. Known as "The Pearl of the Mediterranean," it features a unique blend of history and coastal beauty. Exploring Alexandria's historical sites and seaside promenades can be a delightful experience.

Aswan: Located along the Nile, Aswan offers a peaceful and laid-back atmosphere. A felucca ride at sunset is a must-do experience in Aswan, allowing you to soak in the tranquil beauty of the river. Other highlights in Aswan include the High Dam, Philae Island, and the unfinished obelisk, providing insights into ancient engineering and craftsmanship.

Cairo: The bustling capital of Egypt, is a city where history and modernity blend seamlessly. It's home to some of the world's most iconic landmarks, including the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. These ancient wonders continue to captivate visitors from around the globe. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, also known as the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, is a treasure trove of ancient artifacts, providing valuable insights into Egypt's rich history and culture.

Cruising the Nile: A unique and leisurely way to explore Egypt's historical sites. Traveling on small luxury ships between Luxor and Aswan in Upper Egypt, you'll have the opportunity to visit temples, experience life along the Nile, and witness the breathtaking landscapes of the river valley.

Luxor: Often referred to as the "world's greatest open-air museum," Luxor is steeped in history. The temples of Luxor and Karnak, the Valley of the Kings, and the Temple of Hatshepsut are just a few of the remarkable sites to explore here. The Temple of Karnak, with its grandeur and sheer size, is a testament to the architectural and artistic achievements of ancient Egypt.

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When to go

The ideal time to explore Egypt is during its winter months, from November to April, when you can expect warm, clear days, especially in the desert and Upper Egypt. Summers, on the other hand, can be scorching, with temperatures exceeding 40°C.

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Currency: Egyptian Pounds

Language: Arabic

What makes it special: Egypt holds a special place in our hearts as it brings to life the stories we've all heard since childhood, from Howard Carter's discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb to the majestic pyramids, Sphinx, and the mighty River Nile. Exploring the vast ancient halls and cruising along the river, passing sugarcane fields and magnificent temples on the riverbanks, fulfills everyone's dream of visiting Egypt.

Weather: Egypt is now a year-round destination, but it predominantly enjoys cool, dry winters and very hot summers. Upper Egypt, in places like Luxor and Aswan, experiences a desert climate with very little rainfall. The peak travel season falls between November and April when the days are generally dry and warm, with cooler temperatures at night.

Social customs: Egypt is predominantly Muslim, so it's advisable to dress conservatively, especially if you plan to visit religious sites. Egyptians are known for their gregariousness and hospitality. When meeting someone for the first time, a firm handshake, direct eye contact, and a smile are customary. Holding hands in public between a man and a woman is quite unusual, but it's common to see male friends doing so. When eating from shared plates using your hands, use your right hand. If you're seated on the floor, avoid pointing the soles of your feet toward anyone else, as it's considered impolite.

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